Butcher & The Boar 1yr. Anniversary Beer Selections



Chances are pretty good that if you’ve been to the restaurant in the past year we’ve been open you’ve been able to sample our exclusive B&TB Knob Creek.  That said, we’re gonna take this exclusive thing up a couple notches;  Sunday March 17th at our Anniversary party we’ll be serving an extra special Fulton Knob Creek Barrel Aged Libertine made with bourbon barrels from our very own Butcher & The Boar Knob Creek.  Yeah, seriously.

Other beer selections for the day include: Bourbon Oak Infused Fulton War & Peace, Central Waters Bourbon Barrel Stout, Goose Island Bourbon Country Brand Stout, Stone Bourbon Oaked Old Guardian and He’Brew Schmaltz Genesis 15:5.  What a list!

Check the Facebook event here.