AWARD-WINNING * CHEF-CRAFTED * premium sausages



One of the earliest culinary creations was sausage. Ancient Greeks, Romans, and butchers throughout Europe made sausage as a way to practice efficient butchery. Sausage makers today utilize these same old-world techniques to craft delicious sausage, complex in flavor, with the freshest ingredients, spices and quality meats. 


Our Sausages

Butcher & the Boar® sausages are made with the best ingredients utilizing old-world preparation techniques. They are meticulously calibrated to achieve the flavor and texture that captures the true spirit of sausage: juicy, distinctly flavorful, deeply satisfying, and most importantly, fun to prepare and eat. Our sausages are handmade and contain 100% natural heritage-breed pork, natural casings, fresh spices and garlic. They are fully-cooked, gluten-free and contain no MSG.


Our Pigs

The first ingredient in every Butcher & the Boar® sausage product is great quality pork sourced from properly raised pigs. We use 100% heritage-breed pigs. These pigs generally come from a co-op of family owned farms in the Midwest. 

We are dedicated to sourcing natural, certified humane, pasture-raised, antibiotic and hormone-free pork. We are continually developing relationships with farmers who raise heritage-breed pigs in order to secure a regular supply of local, sustainable pork.

Our Production

› Pork raised with no added hormones and no added antibiotics  
› USDA certified meat processing facility
› Computer controlled smokers which control consistency
› Automated stuffers which weigh sausages to the gram
› Hand cutting of the meat
› Hand mixing of the spice blends
› Hanging the sausages by hand
› Hand packaging of the sausages